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Do you constantly sense physically and emotionally ill without any special reason? For example, you might be having headaches or feeling insomniac and worried out of the blue. If that’s the situation, it can be caused by the negative energy gathered in your house!

Indeed, our place directs us to gather negative energy caused by either some emotions and human actions or particular details in the space building itself. And the best part is, negative energy removal is possible in your house. In Feng Shui, it is known as space clearing. Indian Astrologer Ganeshji is one of the top negative energy removal specialists in Scarborough, Toronto. He has enormous works done on this aspect in various parts of Canada like Mississauga, Brampton, Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver etc.

Why Is It Important to Clear Your Space?

Our homes are addition of ourselves — for good or worse, influencing us on different levels. It can create problems with well-being and undermine your achievement. And to remove negative energy from the body, you have to remove negative energy from home. As stated above, two primary causes create negative energy in your place.

Here are the most powerful techniques you can do based on the old tradition of Feng Shui, as well as the Feng Shui space clearance routine that you can do to keep active energy in your house. Let’s begin with particular features in your interior that may cause it and ways for clearing negative energy impact.

Discard Clutter as Soon as Possible

Yes, there’s a reason you sense so right after you clean your counter. Energy resides in articles, particularly older articles. And depending on the energy standard, they might physically, psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually hinder our path ahead. When you keep undesired “stuff,” there is no space for new possibilities to arrive in your life. So, attempt making sure that everything you have brings you happiness if it doesn’t pass it on.


Remove Mirrors in Your Bedroom

It has been said that mirrors twice the energy level in the space where you keep them. For example, if you are single, it multiplies your solitude. If you are a couple, it greets more people into your bedroom. Surely, we go to sleep with all the sentimental baggage gathered during the day, so by owning a mirror in our bedroom, we increase all negative sentiments in space and life. So, if you can’t remove mirrors in your bedroom, you can just cover them at nighttime.

Cover TV in Your Room

The same concerns TV screens as they serve as mirrors. So, if you own a TV in your room, cover it before you go to bed.

Remove Plants and Articles That Have Cutting Edges

Plants with cutting edges might also generate negative energy in your space, mainly when set at your house’s entry, your working space, and your room. Substitute such plants with those that have rounded leaves. In feng shui, knives and other things with great sharp edges are supposed to cause bad luck, so put them inside the cupboards.

Remove or Fix Broken Things

Having broken things in your house is bad fortune and establishes the tone for what you will receive and endure in your own life.

Broken things hold negative energy

If an object is destroyed, it has no purpose but discharges it in a “stuck” or negative situation. Alternatively, look after, clean, and have existing, effective household items — clothing, plants, furniture — and see the variation it makes to your mood.

Arrange Your Furniture

The arrangement can be challenging — but it doesn’t require to be strenuous! An ideal way to clean up your place is to play around with the placement of your furniture. It could be as easy as changing the layout of two armchairs, or it could include remodeling a whole room. Either way, exploring rearranging furniture every month will help to give vitality to your home — and it doesn’t require a penny.

Ring a Bell in Your Room

Audio prompts from just one ring of a bell in each edge of the rooms and doorways help restore your physical space. Use the bell’s tone to concentrate on getting bad energy removal— and bringing plentiful energy instead.

Discreetly Burn Some Incense

This aromatic smoke has long been a refined and meditation method used to reestablish life to a dead space. Bonus, it scents delicious, too. Incense aids promote energy as their features create a peaceful and quiet environment. And you desire to use them in a clean home for meditation.

Let in a Breeze

The first step to removing negative energy from the house includes nature. Keep windows open, or at least the ones that provide optimal air to come through. Fresh air serves to move and clearing the home of negative energy.

Passive energy can be choking, so be sure to get the clean air flowing

Even if nothing works out, you can meet the well-known Astrologer Ganeshji. He will listen to your problems and help you remove negative energy from your home and life. He is the best in his work and has helped thousands of people in Canada and other parts of the world. People visit him and even have online discussions to discuss their life problems. With a 100% success rate, all his clients are satisfied with his style of work and professional guidance. Stop struggling in life and get help from Astrologer Ganeshji right away!

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