Is Astrology a Science or Pseudoscience?

The discussion about whether astrology is a science or pseudoscience is not new; it has been here for ages. Looking at how the experts keep weighing the question from time to time, it appears that the question will continue to remain completely unanswered. But an unchangeable fact persists and it continues to be there; yes, it will continue to be there and that fact is – people don’t mind talking to astrologers, having detailed discussions about the problems in their life, and taking the measures suggested by astrologers.

That’s not all! There are innumerable people to endorse the fact how well have they benefitted with the help of astrological measures. So amid all the debates and discussions going on regarding astrology being science or pseudoscience, people’s trust in astrology has not lessened by a dime. These people don’t mind visiting or talking to a famous Indian astrologer in Toronto and that is a classical demonstration of the above fact.

Science and pseudoscience – the difference

The majority of us know what science is, but pseudoscience might be a relatively less heard term for many of us. In contrast to science, in which facts based on science and scientifically proven studies matter a lot, pseudoscience based on beliefs and practices. There may be claims that these are based on scientific studies but they lack a genuinely scientific method much needed to prove their authenticity. On the other hand, it is equally true that science uses immaculate, orderly, and well-organized practices to prove a point or to determine something. In the opinion of experts, the methods used in pseudoscience are often casual and leave room for doubt and confusion.

Astrology is a subject which more often swings between the two and makes people discuss whether to call it a science or a pseudoscience. As some noted astrologers, including a famous astrologer in Toronto, point out, astrology is not the only subject to clutch in this long time debate; there are other subjects too like anthropogenic global warming, string theory, ESP, cryptozoology, etc. But the tagline is – nothing has stopped astrology from gaining popularity and nothing has wiped off the interest of people in it.

Astrology – the mass beneficial predictive study

Fine, some experts may not like to call astrology a science. But they cannot deny the reality that it is still a study, and it is a mass beneficial study. Undeniably, innumerable men and women have sought answers to their life’s questions in astrology and have enjoyed outstanding results as well. Even in this modern age, when we are surrounded by highly sophisticated machinery and are not ready to believe something very easily, astrology continues to be the number preference for people.

If you randomly choose a group of men and women and ask whom would they ask questions about the most important decisions of their life, a lot of them, if not all, will say – an astrologer. They are not interested in the eternal debate if astrology is a science or pseudoscience; they are more interested in adopting the simple yet effective methods that a Vedic astrologer in Toronto would suggest. Over the years, astrology has been immensely advantageous to people across the globe. It has done mass benefit in one way or other and has largely contributed to bettering the quality of life for people.

Life enhancers, not just astrologers

Astrologers in these times have enhanced their role from just making predictions based upon their study of stars and horoscopes. Together with what people expect from them, they are more of counselors for life. You should not be surprised if you meet an expert of astrology who is also a palmist, a remover of black magic, a psyche reader, and a spiritual healer. Over the last few decades, men and women have increasingly inclined towards the spiritual study and find solace through the guidance of an expert. You may come across many people who regularly talk to a spiritual healer in Toronto, and also in other parts of the world.

In a similar fashion, there are people who think their thought process is not in harmony and they want someone to check their thoughts. Consequently, they talk to a psychic healer who not only helps them in understanding their thinking pattern but also guides them on how to think right, acquire the right perspectives and get the apt mindset! Last but not least; the study of stars cannot be entirely underestimated and be tagged as pseudoscience because this too bases on well-researched theories, real-life examples and is based on concrete concepts. The value astrology has today is not an overnight development or a belief of a small group of people. Owing to all the facts, while discussions about astrology being a science or a pseudoscience will go on, people across the world will continue to seek answers to it.

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