Astrology Is a Great Ancient Science, Not Just A Prediction

What is Astrology? It is the science of reading the planetary position and combination at the time of birth and predicting the future based on that. Many people you will find who stands strongly in favor of it, whereas an equal number of people will stand in opposition. However, the increasing number of people seeking an appointment with an Indian Vedic astrologer in Toronto indicates its relevance.

The primary question is- can we prove or test the validity of it on the standard scientific principles? Well, the answer is ‘No’. It is because the critical evaluation of results is not an integral part of Astrology. No astrologer in Toronto can give facts that can be scrutinized by the scientific community.

Well, it does not mean that Astrology is a baseless thing. It gives an accurate guideline about life. It is scientific and logical

It is neither a superstition as well. It is science in a way that it uses scientific knowledge about heavenly bodies and star charts. They sound quite scientific. Astrology believes that we are greatly affected by astrological bodies on three levels- physical, mental, and spiritual. When an Astrologer in Toronto compares many birth charts, he can derive his ‘own’ interpretations by checking their similarities. Based on the similar combinations of planets and stars, he can predict the possibilities.

Studies say that if the analysis of horoscopes and birth chart is done systematically by an Indian Vedic Astrologer In Toronto, then he can make a predictive model, which will tell about the past and the future accurately.

The sun, moons, planets, and constellations cause a correlated effect on the events happening on the earth. When the surroundings get affected, how can we remain unaffected by it? The only fact that heavenly bodies govern our life is sufficient to prove that Astrology is science. A very generic predictive model can be established to generate explanations on Earth and human personality traits.

It is a science that uses testable ideas

If you see the expectations with no expectations, then it is very general. The right approach is to set expectations (extremely specific expectations), then you can verify the outcome.

Take an example. If the zodiac sign in a person’s horoscope impacts his ability to earn respect and authority. Which career suits these traits the most? It is politics. Thus, it is possible to predict a suitable career for a person by checking the planetary combinations.

In this way, Astrology is testable.

A good astrologer also modifies his concepts or assumptions if he finds evidence contradicting the belief. If he does that, then we can say that Astrology is a science. However, if it is not done, then we cannot call it.

Indian Vedic Astrologer In Toronto makes assumptions based on his previous knowledge and then performs a reality check. The same approach is followed by scientists. We know that in science, an idea gets modified when it is warranted by the evidence. In the recent past, systematic, and documented study of astrology has contributed to a new scientific discovery.

Astrologer Ganeshji directs about the best time to go forward

Whether you should wait for some time or give up the idea or continue; the decision is always crucial. When you make the decision based on astrological evidence, it increases the probability of success. Without getting into the discussion of Astrology being science or not, it is important that one uses it for the betterment and personal growth. Astrologer Ganeshji is the Astrologer In Toronto. He becomes a guiding force in the process. It makes the journey smooth.

Yes, it is the need of the day that astrological research happens more systematically. Like a scientist that does not wait for others to contradict or support the idea, an Indian Vedic Astrologer In Toronto also comes out with a counterargument and alternate hypothesis. If the idea gets warranted by the evidence, then he gives up the idea. Astrologer Ganeshji follows this path. He does not mind testing his arguments by facts in fare astrologers do not follow the path, though. They rarely dare to test their arguments by facts fairly. If Astrology becomes part of the regular studies, then it will be possible to follow a scientific approach.

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