Astrology in United States of America

Astrology believers in United States

Do you think that the concepts like Astrology prevail only in some backward countries, where people are not educated, and the majority of the people are deprived of basic things? Well, if you believe this, then you are mistaken. Astrology is very much prevalent in every nook and corner of the world. Right in the United States as well. With the advent of digital technology, it is all the easier to get access to it. While many people make a mockery of quite generalized predictions that are published in the daily newspapers, there are millions of people who believe this ancient knowledge.

What could be the reason behind that? We, human beings constantly seek narratives to peep into the future. The fear of the unknown and the attraction to the unknown work together. When we know that there is something called Astrology, which can tell us about tomorrow, it becomes an irresistible thing.

In the United States, there are many followers

As told earlier, the human mind behaves similarly everywhere. Each person has some worries in life. Some are worried about their health. For some people, financial problems are larger than life (at least they look like that). Some people get indulged in legal matters or family disputes. Some do not get a job despite having a higher degree.

Though every person has some fighting spirit and positivity to beat these problems, it becomes tough to sustain them longer. In the dark time, Astrology becomes a ray of hope. It gives mental relief.  People turn to astrology in response to anxiety, negativity, and stress. It becomes a coping device. Even people who otherwise do not believe in Astrology also turn into staunch followers if they face difficult times.

Why is it popular even in countries like the United States?

It is because the fundamental nature of humans is the same. Our thoughts, beliefs, and rationale are the same. What is going to happen in life? Will life be the same or will it change? For how much time will I have to face the rough terrain? Do I have any hope of seeing good times again?

We all get trouble with such questions. It is all about the uncertainty in our life. What is going to happen in the next moment that we do not know? The fear of the unknown is so strong that we always try to find out something that can throw some light on the darkness. Things like Astrology come for our help. We find some people around who can find answers to our questions. When a few predictions turn true, we develop a strong belief in the person.

In the United States, the most important reason behind the immense popularity of Astrology is the high degree of uncertainty in life. Plus, there is a lot of stress and negativity. No wonder, Astrology becomes a source of catharsis. It takes away the negativity to some extent and gives hope to the person that there will be dawn when all the problems will get over.

Astrology gained further momentum during the pandemic

The level of uncertainty and negativity got worsened in the past two years when the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world and claimed thousands of lives. The Covid-19 outbreak was a nightmare for humanity. In the United States, there was an incredible surge in the demand for good astrologers. Not only conventional astrologers, but online websites also saw a terrific increase in the number of inquiries. It is a fact, that each one of us has an interest in knowing about the future. Till the day we will have uncertainty in life, we will have a belief in Astrology. There are many Indian Astrologers in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, California, New Jersey and other parts of USA.

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